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NASA upgraded the Hubble. Do the same for you trusty PC.

  • Low cost
  • 100% tested compatibility
  • Instalation manual
  • Two years warranty
  • Plug and Play instalation
  • Profesional dual-processing (SMP)

Can a Pentium-II system run at 1.4 Gigahertz? W. Paper!

Redukce PL-iP3/T

You bet!  If you have a Pentium-II, Celeron or even Pentium-III Slot-1/Socket 370 system, our 1.4 GHz PL-iP3/T and PL-370/T processor upgrade can take your PC up to a whole new level of performance!  Great for smoother gaming, faster graphics, and snappier Windows!

The 1.4 GHz PL-iP3/T and PL-370/T upgrade uses
Patented technology and comes with 1-year warranty. 

Join the thousands who have already upgraded!


4.11.2003 Name change

Friendtech has announced new name DreamX for FT-XBX2.


14.10.2003 FT-XBX2TM
The FASTEST Gaming Console in the World fully comaptibile with MS Xbox.


12.10.2003 FT-MAV
high-end Mobile Audio/Video DVD player and DVD-ROM for NB.


27.6.2003 - WWW PowerLeap

PLCOMP is officially presented at international distributor list at www.powerleap.com

25.4.2003 - S478 Hyperthread
New adapter
PL-iP4 allows all MBs with P4 S478 use CPU P4 3.06GHz+ with hyperthreading!